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Extreme Weather Policies

As a matter of policy, the campus is never closed. The residential, healthcare, and research aspects of UIC operations make this a requirement.

In the event of extreme weather conditions, the campus will continue to operate during regularly scheduled hours. Staff members are expected to report to their respective offices or workstations. Staff members who are not able to commute to campus may request that the time missed be charged to vacation time or make other arrangements. These arrangements must meet all University rules and regulations and should be agreeable to the staff member's supervisor and unit head. You may call Tom Riley, Human Resources, at (312) 355-5510, for answers to questions on rules and regulations.

Cancellation of Individual Classes

In individual cases, there may be reasons for faculty members to cancel their classes. They must make certain that college and departmental offices are aware of such cancellations. If an individual class is canceled, all students registered in the class must be informed as soon as possible by electronic mail and the work must be made up later in the semester.

Cancellation of All Scheduled Classes

In accordance with Executive Notice 94-3, classes will be canceled if, in the judgment of the Chancellor or the Provost, the health and safety of students, faculty, or staff would be seriously jeopardized. In this case, the Vice Chancellors will notify the units that report to them and the public affected will be notified by announcement over local radio and television stations.

Unfortunately, we cannot control the timing of the public notice or the wording of the announcement. Should you hear that the campus is "closed," you should know that, while classes have been canceled, offices are open and other special scheduled events may not have been canceled. Class closing announcements will be posted to the UIC Website and also available by calling the UIC information line: (312) 413-9696. Faculty and staff with non-instructional responsibilities are not excused when classes are canceled.

Medical Center

The University of Illinois Medical Center at Chicago and patient care support facilities operate continuously regardless of weather. Staff and students assigned to patient care and its supporting activities are expected to report to their respective offices or workstations even when the radio announcement indicates that classes have been canceled at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Emergency Conditions

Emergency conditions may occur that are sufficiently serious to warrant the cancellation of classes or public events or to temporarily discontinue non-essential operations. If an emergency occurs, or is anticipated, that would widely and adversely affect the campus, the Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services will consult with representatives of campus components likely to be affected. An assessment of the current or anticipated conditions will include consideration of conditions that may jeopardize the health and safety of students, faculty, staff, patients, or visitors.

If conditions warrant cancellation of classes or discontinuing non-essential services, the Vice Chancellors will be advised and the public affected will be notified by public announcements via local media. The Vice Chancellors will notify their respective reporting units via telephone or e-mail, as appropriate.

In the absence of a specific announcement to the contrary, classes and other functions will continue as scheduled. Staff members are expected to report for their regularly assigned duties.


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