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Message from UIC Police

UIC Police employ a variety of cutting-edge video and electronic surveillance and detection technologies.

But the most important tool to prevent crime is still the locked door.

Recently UIC Police patrols have found security doors propped open in residence halls and academic buildings, presumably by people expecting a visitor or a delivery. In the age of cell phones, this is completely unnecessary.

It is essential to your safety and that of your fellow students or co-workers that security doors remain shut and locked at all times. An unlocked door exposes every occupant of the building to the risk of petty theft or serious violent crime.

UIC Police ask your cooperation with the following:

  • Never prop open a locking door.
  • If you see a door ajar or propped open, SECURE IT AT ONCE.
  • Never admit a stranger to a UIC building without asking their business.
  • If you are concerned about a door that was left open contact the UIC Police immediately.

We depend on each other for our safety on campus. Please don't let yourself be responsible for someone becoming a victim of crime.

Chief John W. Richardson
UIC Police

Mark Donovan
Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services

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