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Feminist Music

Music played an important part in the women's liberation movement. CWLU events often included musical performances in addition to those of the Chicago Women's Liberation Rock Band.
To lead off this new section, we have a live performance by Kristin Lems of her feminist anthem, "For All Women in Struggle." It was performed by Kristin at our Oct 2000 benefit. Kristin was an organizer of the National Womens Music Festival in 1974 and one of the pioneers in performing and promoting feminist music.
We plan to add documents from the feminist music movement as well as songs and interviews.


For all Women in Struggle by Kristen Lems (Quicktime audio- 1meg)


Mutineers in mainstream music: Heralds of a new feminist wave? by Naomi Weisstein A 1999 article on modern woman-made music by the founder of the Chicago Womens Liberation Rock Band


Trends in modern woman made music from a 1999 interview with Naomi Weisstein conducted by VH1 (Quicktime video- 4.5 megs)

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