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This section of the on-line archive contains articles and documents about DARE(Direct Action for Rights in Employment) and the janitresses case, CWLU writings on equal employment, and female labor questions.

Lemme tell ya about being a woman lawyer... from Womankind (1971) The challenge of being a woman lawyer in the days when they were still considered an oddity.

Working Women Get Together from Womankind (1971) A report from an AFL-CIO women's conference held in Wisconsin.

Don't Think from Womankind (1971) The life of a secretary as told from the point of view of a CWLU member.

Mr. Smith, Take a Memo from Womankind (1971) The intensely sexist world of clerical work as told by an insider.

Cleaning Up from Womankind (1972.) A first person account from a City Hall janitress about her fight against race and gender discrimination.

DARE and the City Hall Janitresses from Womankind (1972) An account of DARE's work to help end discrimination against the Chicago City Hall janitresses.

NOW Press Release on Gender Discrimination (1972) A press statement from Chicago NOW on gender discrimination in Chicago's City Hall.

DARE Press Release Challenging the City Budget (1972) A press statement from DARE(Direct Action for Rights in Employment) challenging the gender discrimination in Chicago's city budget.

On Being a Waitress
from Womankind (1972) An experienced waitress explains what it is like to serve your food. Not always an appetizing job.

Our Output=Their Income fromWomankind (1972) Life for the women of one small Northside Chicago factory.

DARE Press Release Announcing Susie Bates' Filing of Gender Discrimination Charges (1973) Announcement of a press conference with Susie Bates who was challenging the City of Chicago's discriminatory employment practices. Bates was a a leader of the City Hall Janitress campaign.

A DARE Analysis of the Coalition of Labor Union Women (CLUW) (1974) A report from the founding convention of CLUW.

Five Chicago Alderman Charge Discrimination in City Employment (1975) A press release from 5 independent aldermen that substantiated charges of employment discrimination by the City of Chicago.

The Role of Government Agencies in Gaining Equal Rights for Women (undated but from the early 1970's) A paper written by DARE about the uses and limitations of anti-discrimination laws and government enforcement agencies.

Equal Pay for Equal Work (undated but from the early 1970's) A DARE questionnaire about issues related to the grassroots organizing of working women

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