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If you want to read a book of statistics that will raise your blood pressure, ask the Women's Bureau of the U. S. Dept. of Labor to send you their Handbook on Women Workers. It shows precisely how bad women's situation is. The Women's Bureau, set up in 1920 after the adoption of the 19th Amendment, also puts out a whole slew of other pamphlets on all aspects of women's position. A list of publications and single copies of any of them can be obtained free from regional bureaus in Boston, Atlanta, Chicago, San Francisco and Dallas,
The most thorough bibliography on women to date has been compiled by Cindy Cisler of the New York groups. It is 11 pages long, partially annotated, and can be purchased from her for 25 cents at 102 W. 80th St. , NYC 10024. She is also distributing a devastating booklet produced by New York NOW on "Token Learning: A Study of Women's Higher Education in America. " Students, 50 cents Others $1, 00.
The Women's Majority Union of Seattle has put out the first issue of Lilith, a magazine which will be published whenever there is sufficient material available. It is named for the woman God made before Eve, and to find out more about that story you'll have to send 50 cents to 2021 E. Lynn, Seattle 98102 for a copy. This issue contains several excellent articles and a groovy back cover, # # #

Amy Kesselman and Kathy Kearney suggest a handshake for our movement: Cross hands (left over right, of course) and lock thumbs as al shaking (official international struggle sign), then break apart and make fist,



A wide group of students and faculty are supporting her with the demand "Rehire Marlene. " These groups consist of SDS, NUC, Women's Radical Action Project (WRAP), Concerned Scientists, and a group of biology students. The grad student associations in sociology, human development, political science and other departments are working to support her
These groups are raising more than questions about elitist and secretive hiring and firing practices. They are challenging the substantive content of their academic disciplines, and are claiming the right to be taught by those who do not hold the establishment point of view. The active concern shown by the usually passive grad students shows that they are finally getting fed up with the sterile, competitive nature of grad school.
WRAP women and others, in WITCH's garb, hexed the head of the DoS, Morris Janowitz, twice on Thursday, 1/16. That evening, the NUC sponsored a symposium on radical sociology at which Marlene spoke.
The DoS has called a mass meeting for Friday, 1/17 to explain its general policies of hiring and firing. Students are demanding that this meeting be run and chaired by students and that they discuss Marlene's case specifically. At the meeting they will also demand that she be rehired.
There are other projected plans including possible sit-ins, more symposiums and more "terrorist" activity, Nothing has been finalized. But Marlene's case has been the first thing to shake the complacent U of C campus in a long time, forcing large numbers of students to deal with a lot of questions in a real way,


Chicago: FRED, the Socialist Press & Information Service (7642 N. Paulina/761-1984) offers the WLM and others in the city inside news and services (weekly calendar, citywide organizational list and more). He just can't keep a secret, Tell him your plans and the whole movement in Chicago will know.

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