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This section of the on-line archive contains Liberation School documents, consciousness raising, issues of race and class and more.

Psychology Constructs the Female by Naomi Weisstein (1968) A feminist classic that exposed the sexism underlying the psychology establishment of the time.

THE LAST OF THE RED HOT MAMMAS, OR, THE LIBERATION OF WOMEN AS PERFORMED BY THE INMATES OF THE WORLD (1969) This play was performed at the founding convention of the Chicago Women's Liberation Union.

How to start your own consciousness-raising group from Black Maria (1971) Black Maria was a literary magazine with roots in the CWLU. This article was originally a CWLU leaflet.

notes on a writers workshop by Donna I. from Black Maria (1971) An analysis of a Writers Workshop offered through the CWLU's Liberation School.

High School Women Ask: What is Women's Liberation? from Womankind (1971) Chicago high school women confront sexism in their daily lives.

WHY WOMEN'S LIBERATION? from Black Maria (1971) Some basic questions answered in a clear direct way.

No Lady from Black Maria (1971) A grim look at life for incarcerated women.

Socialist Feminism -- A Strategy for the Women's Liberation Movement by the Hyde Park Chapter of the Chicago Women's Liberation Union (1972) A major theoretical paper that helped lay the basis for the CWLU's political direction.

We Look at Ms. by Sue (1972) A CWLU member casts a feminist eye on the early days of Ms Magazine .

A Black Woman's View Of Women's Liberation An interview with Brenda Eichelberger, a founding member of the Chicago chapter of the National Black Feminist Organization (undated but probably 1975 ).

Stand Up and Be Counted from Secret Storm (undated, but probably 1975-1976) A review of a film that explored issues of women's liberation.

What is Women's Liberation? from Secret Storm (undated, but probably 1975-1976) A statement that seeks to refute common misconceptions about the women's movement.

Power, Resistance and Science by Naomi Weisstein(1992) A follow up to Psychology Constructions the Female written 25 years later.

Womankind Article Index by Cheryl Ganz (2000) A complete article index to the CWLU's Womankind newspaper in Adobe Acrobat format. Copies of Womankind are available for viewing at the Chicago Historical Society and Northwestern University Library's Special Collections Department as well as on microfilm at the Library of Congress. You will need the free Acrobat Reader available here.



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