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Primary Care

Primary care is first-contact, continuous, and comprehensive health care provided in community settings. The purpose of primary care is to increase wellness, so the emphasis is on health promotion, disease prevention, and detecting and treating disease early for best possible outcomes. In collaboration with physicians and other members of the primary health care team, nurse practitioners in primary care provide health screening and education, diagnose and treat common minor problems, and provide continuing care for chronic problems across the life span for infants, children, and adults. Nurse practitioners work closely with patients over time to meet their changing needs and help them attain and optimize their health.

Health Maintenance

Health Maintenance examinations are done periodically to assess rick factors for illness. Usually a detailed medical history of family and individual health is necessary in order to recommend the activities that are necessary to maintain health. Immunization, cancer screening, TB testing, risk factor analysis are all health maintenance activities.

Health Promotion & Health Education

Nurse practitioners are highly skilled in the process of health promotion and education. Their recommendations are based on the health assessment. Various programs and recommendations are presented to the patient to address the illness, disease process or wellness promotion activity. This is an individualized process that may take into consideration the current state of health, genetic or familial patterns, or identified disease. The patient’s willingness to implement recommendations must always be part of the process. Tailored education may be necessary to encourage and promote new pattern of behavior for optimum wellness.