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Nurse Faculty

At IHC, Advanced Practice Nurses (Nurse Practitioners and Clinical Specialists) in a faculty practice are educated to a minimum of the Masters level and usually the Doctorate level. They provide the curriculum development and teach graduate and undergraduate students at University of Illinois College of Nursing. Clinical excellence is maintained by experience prior to faculty membership and continued nursing practice at IHC.

Certified Nurse Practitioners

Marjorie Charles-Damte, MS, NP-BC, APN has spent most of her professional career providing care to underserved populations and conducting clinical research. The bulk of her research pertains to the development of interventions that will aid in disease self-management and improve health outcomes for the underserved. She has recently transitioned to the UIC College of Nursing providing primary care to individuals with serious mental illness. She will be continuing her passion in clinical research in addition to teaching.

Debra Hulford, MS, APN, CNP has been an FNP since 2004 and a member of the IHC team since 2007.  She is a Captain in the US Army Reserve Nurse Corps where she has served since 2001.  Her area of interest is cardiology.  Deb works at the IHC South clinic and will participate in WOW group visits.

Valerie Matthiesen, PhD, ANP/GNP, CNP has 30 years of experience in geriatric nursing and 10 years as an adult nurse practitioner. She teaches in the Adult and Gerontological NP program option at the UIC College of Nursing. Her faculty practice is at IHC North clinic one day a week and providing primary care group visits in the community with the underserved mentally ill through the WOW program.

Judith McDevitt, PhD, APN, CNP has 12 years experience as an FNP and she is instrumental in policy and procedure development and implementation in IHC.  She is the co-investigator of “Diabetes Care in the Context of Serious and Persistent Mental Illness”, an evidence-based practice guideline funded by the Chicago Community Trust. Dr. McDevitt is the Coordinator for the UIC FNP program.

Diane Pineda, MS, APN, FNP-BC has more than 15 years experience as an FNP and has taught FNP students for over 10 years.  She is fluent in Spanish. She helped develop the guidelines for hypertension, diabetes and health maintenance that are used in the center. Diane also has been involved in developing new ways to deliver health care to people with mental illness, such as house calls and group visits.

Barbara Shaw, MS, APN, FNP-BC is a bilingual (English/Spanish) family nurse practitioner with 20 years' experience in primary health care with at-risk populations. She has extensive experience as a preceptor, in regulatory compliance issues, and is particularly interested in the application of health informatics in primary care.

Kelly Vaez, MS, APN, FNP-BC has 2 years experience as an FNP in addition to 4 years experience as an RN in an intensive care unit setting.  She is especially interested in both treating patients with mental illness and in adolescent primary care.  She currently works at the IHC North clinic.