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Information for IHC Clients

Anyone can make an appointment by calling:

  • North
    Phone: 773.537.3950
    Fax: 773.435.0119
  • South
    773.537. 3960
  • Motherís Project
    Phone: 773.537.3136
    Fax: 773.472.0328

Frequently you will be asked to leave a message. Please speak clearly and slowly. Leave your name and call back number. Every attempt to quickly handle emergent problems will be made. If necessary, emergency room visits may have to be recommended.

What to bring to an appointment?

  • Patients should ideally bring their insurance/medical card
  • List of current medications
  • Any old medical records are also helpful

What will you be asked at your physical examination appointment?

If a patient is coming for the first time for a complete history and physical, a lot of information will be asked about current health problems, medications, and past medical history, treatments, hospitalizations, surgeries, and family health problems.

If a patient is coming for a more limited health problem, the questions will concern the circumstances of that problem, current medications, but we still ask quite a bit of information about past medical history. First time visits usually take longer because of the paperwork and information needed.

The ideal is that all IHC patients have a complete history and physical exam on the first visit so any problem that arises may be handled more quickly.