UIC Official http://www.uic.edu/uic/feeds/official.rss Official, urgent and emergency campus announcements en-us Wed, 10 Apr 2013 22:02:53 -0500 60 UIC Official http://www.uic.edu/favicon.png http://www.uic.edu/uic Official, urgent and emergency campus announcements Honorary Degree Nominations The Senate External Relations and Public Service Committee invites you to submit nominations for consideration for the awarding of honorary degrees at UIC.<br /><br />Honorary degrees are the highest award conferred by UIC. An honorary degree may be awarded for exemplary and extraordinary contributions to the scholarly or professional world, to public service, or to UIC’s achievements and the ideals of its missions of teaching, research, service and economic development.<br /><br />We welcome nominations of persons of national or international renown within or outside official academic disciplines, as is the practice of most major institutions of higher learning in the U.S. Some relationship with UIC is desirable, but not required for consideration. In such cases, it is particularly important to explain why the individual is deserving of an honorary degree from UIC.<br /><br />Guidelines for awarding honorary degrees at UIC, including eligibility criteria, nomination procedures, process and timeline, are at: <br />http://www.uic.edu/depts/senate/HonoraryDegreeGuidelines.pdf<br /><br />The deadline for receipt of official nominations and all supporting documents is noon on Monday, December 1. <br /><br />If you have any questions, contact Elizabeth Dooley, Clerk of the Senate at <mailto:edooley@uic.edu>, 312-996-2926.<br /> <br />Respectfully, <br /><br />John Cullars<br />Chair, Senate External Relations and Public Service Committee and Honorary Degree Nominating Committee and Bibliographer for the Humanities, University Library<br /> official http://www.uic.edu/uic OfficialFeed Thu, 23 Oct 2014 16:21:29 -0500 Thu, 23 Oct 2014 16:21:29 -0500 Update on the Obama Presidential Library Dear Students, Faculty and Staff,<br /><br />A presidential library and museum brings to a university campus a wealth of academic resources and potential collaborations, along with national and international prestige and magnetism, opportunities for neighborhood engagement and betterment, and area-wide economic development.<br /><br />As you know, UIC took a step toward becoming the future home of the Obama Presidential Library and Museum last month when the Barack Obama Foundation selected our campus as a finalist. UIC, along with our community partners on a proposed site in the North Lawndale neighborhood, joined the University of Chicago, Columbia University and the University of Hawaii in this “Final Four,” and we were invited to submit more detailed proposals by December 11th. The foundation will examine these proposals and share recommendations with the president and first lady, who will make the final decision in early 2015.<br /><br />Already, our initial submission and its favorable review by the foundation have made the world take notice of some of UIC’s unique and proudest attributes. Our public mission parallels the Obama agenda of social justice. Within our community and around the globe, we share a vision with the president’s legacy and continuing aspirations to rebuild community, expand and innovate health care, and serve an increasingly diverse America. More than two hundred media reports have taken our message to investigators, educators, funders, students and employers everywhere.<br /><br />I ask you to join me in thanking those faculty and members of the senior leadership who have led this worthy endeavor: Steering Committee Co-Chairs Mary Case and Michael Redding; Academic Programming Committee Co-Chairs Michael Pagano and Alfred Tatum; Library/Museum Exhibits Committee Co-Chairs Mary Case and Lisa Lee; Architecture/Site Committee Co-Chairs Mark Donovan and Robert Somol; Proposal Committee Co-Chairs Marcia Lausen and Michael Redding; and Lead Writer Meghan Ferrill, along with the members of those committees. Thanks are also due to students Michael Belmonte, Jauwan Hall, Kris Fuentes Cortes, Mikita Lee, Arthur Nishimoto, student trustee Danielle Leibowitz and Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Barbara Henley, who traveled to Washington to meet with Illinois congressional delegation staff and to officially present our initial proposal to the foundation.<br /><br />UIC has been relying on in-house faculty and staff expertise to develop our response materials. In-kind and pro-bono donations of services from faculty professional firms have been crucial to our efforts to date, and we expect to continue to draw on the talent and expertise of our own team to guide us through the RFP process. And we are moving ahead.<br /><br />Last week, UIC and North Lawndale hosted a town hall meeting, chaired by political science professor Dick Simpson, at which nearly 150 students, faculty, and community members voiced their ideas and concerns regarding the library coming to the UIC-North Lawndale neighborhoods. Breakout groups discussed accessibility, visualization technology and civic engagement, and – as a concern – the possible dislocation of businesses and residents. Several recommendations emerged and will inform our planning going forward.<br /><br />Over the past several weeks, the UIC team has met with representatives from the Mayor’s Office, Chicago Department of Transportation, Chicago Park District, Chicago Transit Authority, Department of Planning and Development, and Chicago Housing Authority. The city has committed to provide UIC and our North Lawndale partners a letter outlining the city’s commitments. We have asked the Board of Trustees to endorse our proposal, and they will consider a resolution at their November meetings.<br /><br />Looking further ahead, the library will be constructed with funds raised by the Barack Obama Foundation, operated with federal funds and an endowment provided by the foundation, and administered by the Office of the Presidential Libraries at the National Archives and Records Administration -- to preserve and offer public access to the papers and other historical materials that document the lives of the president, his family and administration. Some of the library’s benefits will center on the city and university selected as the host site. But the deep insight it will bring to his historic presidency surely belongs to all of us.<br /><br />Sincerely,<br /><br />Paula Allen-Meares<br />Chancellor<br />John Corbally Presidential Professor<br /> official http://www.uic.edu/uic OfficialFeed Wed, 22 Oct 2014 17:00:37 -0500 Wed, 22 Oct 2014 17:00:37 -0500 'Phishing' attacks targeting the UIC community Many people at UIC have been receiving e-mails with a subject of “Important Message” that threatens that their account profile is about to expire and that they must click on a link to validate their account. Once the link is clicked, they are presented with what appears to be a Blackboard login page.<br /><br />These emails are FAKE, and are what is commonly referred to as a phishing (pronounced “fishing") attack.<br /><br />Although ACCC tries to block this type of e-mail from being delivered, attackers often craft their emails to make it difficult for our software to distinguish between legitimate emails and phishing attacks.<br /><br />Things to look for to identify phishing attacks:<br /><br />1) Urgency: to get you to act without thinking things through.<br />2) Generic greetings, such as “Dear User.”<br />3) Poor grammar and spelling.<br />4) Never click on a link in email. Copy and paste it instead. Why? Attackers know how to craft their emails so that the link shown in the email is not the actual link that you will go to if you click on it. Most email clients will show you the actual link that the email will go to if you hover over the link without clicking on it.<br />5) If you have any unpatched software on your machine (e.g. Adobe Reader, flash, java, etc.), simply clicking on a link could compromise your machine.<br />6) If you do click on a link, look at the url address in the web browser to verify that you went to the right spot (does the URL shown match the one you thought or saw in the email?). Watch for subtle substitutions, like zeros for the letter ‘O’, etc.<br /><br />In summary:<br />• Never give your password to anyone requesting it via e-mail, on the phone, or in-person.<br />• Never click on links in e-mail. Instead, type the link by hand, or copy and paste the link making sure to visually inspect the link for accuracy before proceeding.<br /><br />When in doubt, you can forward suspicious email to security@uic.edu for advice on the email’s authenticity. Contact us there with any other questions as well.<br /><br />Cynthia Herrera Lindstrom<br />Chief Information Officer<br />Executive Director, Academic Computing and Communications Center<br /> officialx http://www.uic.edu/uic OfficialxFeed Wed, 22 Oct 2014 13:52:32 -0500 Wed, 22 Oct 2014 13:52:32 -0500 Sidewalk Closure at Morgan Street cul-de-sac Due to severe deterioration, the sidewalk around the Morgan Street turnaround between BSB and UH will be closed for repairs from Oct. 21 to Nov. 14 in order to complete the needed repairs before winter.<br /><br />To avoid injury and maintain a safe passageway, please follow the posted detour signs. We apologize for the inconvenience.<br /><br />If you have questions, contact Vytenis Milunas, Director of Project Management, at 312-413-1361.<br /><br />Michael Landek<br />Executive Associate Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services <br /> officialx http://www.uic.edu/uic OfficialxFeed Tue, 21 Oct 2014 15:56:29 -0500 Tue, 21 Oct 2014 15:56:29 -0500 Summary of Chancellor's Recent Activities Subject: Summary of Chancellor Allen-Meares’ Activities, July-October 2014<br /><br />Dear Students, Faculty and Staff, <br /><br />It’s my pleasure to bring you up to date on what has been taking place on our campus and in our community during the past few months. <br /><br />Board of Trustees Meetings<br />At the September 11th University of Illinois Board of Trustees meeting, the Board approved a $5.64 billion budget for fiscal 2015 that increases spending by less than 1 percent for the more than 78,000-student University and its three campuses. Additionally, the Board approved the appointment of longtime University of Illinois at Chicago administrator and professor emeritus Eric A. “Rick” Gislason as interim vice chancellor for academic affairs and provost.<br /><br />At the July 24th University of Illinois Board of Trustee meeting, the Board approved the appointed of Clark Stanford as dean of the College of Dentistry. Dr. Stanford previously served as associate dean for research and professor of prosthodontics at the University of Iowa College of Dentistry. <br /><br />Undergraduate Student Success Initiative<br />The Undergraduate Student Success Initiative is a collaborative project of the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs. Planning has been ongoing for the past two years and is now proceeding under the direction of Emanuel Pollack, interim vice provost for undergraduate affairs. The UIC Strategic Plan for Increasing Undergraduate Success: Task Force Recommendations has entered the next phase, which involves prioritizing and consolidating 125 individual recommendations into several thematic areas, and implementation planning. The recommendations are being evaluated as to whether they meet three essential criteria: high impact, practical to implement, and near-term implementation ability. <br /><br />Hispanic Serving Institution Designation <br />For Fall 2014, UIC’s Hispanic student population increased to 26.4 percent, which will allow UIC to seek Hispanic Serving Institution designation this Spring. The School of Public Health has been approved as a Hispanic-Serving Professions Schools (HSHPS) designation. <br /><br />Awards and Recognitions<br />I am pleased to share with you that UIC received the 2014 Higher Education Excellence in Diversity (HEED) Award from INSIGHT Into Diversity Magazine, the oldest and largest diversity-focused publication in higher education. <br /><br />LARES received an Outstanding Institutional Advising Program Award from the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) at its annual conference in Minneapolis next month. The award recognizes programs for best practices in academic advising. LARES was also recognized by Excelencia in Education, a national nonprofit whose mission is to accelerate Latino student success in higher education, and named LARES as its 2014 Example of Excelencia award, as the nation’s top program for increasing achievement for Latino students in the undergraduate category.<br /><br />Task Force on African American Student Recruitment, Retention, and Success<br />On October 8th, Board of Trustees Chairman Christopher Kennedy convened a meeting with President Easter, Chancellor Wise and me, along with the admissions leadership of both campuses, to discuss the decreasing or flat African American enrollment. This is a priority for the Board of Trustees as well as for the campus. <br /><br />On September 22nd, I appointed a task force to guide our progress in promoting the success of diverse students. The task force will provide recommendations on activities, programs, and resources that would enhance the undergraduate experience and enrollment, retention, and graduation of African American students at UIC. <br /><br />The task force members are: Beth Richie, professor of African American studies and of criminology, law and justice and director the Institute for Race and Public Policy at UIC (co-chair); James Oliver, senior advisor to the president (co-chair); Jeremiah Abiade, assistant professor of mechanical and industrial engineering; Fabricio Balcazar, professor of disabilities and human development; Jeff Brown, director of the African American Academic Network; Ebbin Dotson, assistant professor of community health sciences and assistant dean of urban health and diversity programs; Jauwan Hall, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences student; Patricia Inman, associate director of degree programs; Lance Kennedy-Phillips, associate vice provost and director of institutional research; Amanda Lewis, associate professor of sociology; Alicia Matthews, professor of health systems science; Peter Nelson, dean of the College of Engineering; Barbara Ransby, professor of African American studies and history and director of the Social Justice Initiative; Jamila Rashid, director of the Urban Health Program; Oscar Rodriguez, director of recruitment and outreach; Deidre Rush, associate director of financial aid; Jacob Schulz, Undergraduate Student Government president; Astrida Tantillo, dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences; Steve Tozer, professor of educational policy studies; Tyrone Forman, vice provost for diversity and senior advisor to the chancellor (ex-officio). <br /><br />Search Committee for the Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs<br />Following the work of the advisory task group on the reorganization of the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs (VCHA) and the academic health enterprise, I have reached out to our community to seek nominations for members to serve on a search committee to identify a permanent placement for the Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs.<br /><br />AAU Membership Aspirations, 10/1<br />It was our pleasure to host Robert Berdahl, former president of the Association of American Universities (AAU), for a meeting with representatives of the Senate Executive Committee, deans, Vice Chancellor Dutta, Vice Provost Saul Weiner, and associate research deans. Dr. Berdahl provided a history of AAU and the criteria on how decisions are made on membership and how UIC compares to other AAU members and aspiring members. <br />Meetings with University Leadership<br />I continue to meet regularly with the Chancellor/Vice Chancellor group and deans to discuss important issues including a strategic increase in enrollment; budget planning; facilities and construction; campus insights; human resources; compliance; federal and state priorities; development; IT security; marketing and branding; and recent changes to the federal Clery Act.<br /><br />Obama Presidential Library <br />UIC is one step closer to becoming the future home of the Obama Presidential Library and Museum. The Barack Obama Foundation selected UIC as one of four finalists to host the library and museum, along with the University of Chicago, Columbia University and the University of Hawaii. Finalists are invited to submit more detailed proposals for their sites.<br /><br />UIC must submit its next proposal for the library and museum by December 11th. The foundation’s board will share its recommendations with the president and first lady, who will make the final decision in early 2015. The library will be constructed with funds raised by the foundation, operated with federal funds and an endowment provided by the foundation, and administered by the Office of the Presidential Libraries at the National Archives and Records Administration to preserve and make available to the public the papers, records, and other historical materials that document the lives of the president, his family, associates, and administration. <br /><br />In the last few weeks, the UIC team has met with representatives from the Mayor’s Office, Chicago Department of Transportation, Chicago Park District, Chicago Transit Authority, Department of Planning and Development, and Chicago Housing Authority. The city has committed to provide UIC and our North Lawndale partners a letter outlining the city’s commitments. According to the Mayor’s Office, they will provide the same level of support to UIC and the University of Chicago, as their interest is to secure the bid for Chicago. <br /><br />Development<br />Due to ongoing stewardship and cultivation, TCF Bank renewed its $50,000 annual scholarship commitment to support ten students. The program is administered through the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and TCF Bank attends an annual luncheon to meet and interact with the TCF Bank Scholars. <br /><br />The Cless Family Foundation has generously provided $200,000 to support the Ophthalmic Surgical Training Suite. Funding for this training suite, is a strategic investment designed to enhance the educational, research and clinical practices for ophthalmology faculty and residents.<br /><br />Select Special Events and Visits<br /><br />UIC Leadership Retreat, 8/19<br />This year’s retreat, The Spectrum of Success, considered how UIC can continue to promote success for a broad spectrum of students, and the collaborations needed to contribute to that success. We were honored to have Nancy Zimpher, chancellor of the State University of New York, provide the keynote address. Fellow panelists included Irma Becerra-Fernandez, vice president for engagement and professor of management information systems at Florida International University; Tina Gridiron, senior strategy officer at the Lumina Foundation; and Richard McGee, associate dean for faculty recruitment and professional development at Northwestern University.<br /><br />College of Nursing Urbana Regional Office, 10/2<br />I was honored to attend the ribbon cutting of the new UIC College of Nursing Urbana Regional Campus. This was preceded by the announcement of a partnership with our sister campus, the University of Illinois at Springfield, and Memorial Health Systems to offer a UIC Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree program on the Springfield campus. Establishing this program at UIS was made possible through a generous donation by Memorial Health Systems totaling $2 million, with $600,000 dedicated to scholarships for UIC nursing students as juniors and seniors.<br /><br />Opening of the Humboldt Park Mile Square Health Clinic, 10/6 <br />Mile Square Health Center opened a new clinic in the Humboldt Park neighborhood with a focus on women’s health services for patients with physical disabilities. The new federally qualified health center is staffed by family nurse practitioners and certified nurse midwives and is managed in association with the University of Illinois Hospital & Health Sciences System and the UIC College of Nursing. The Humboldt Park Mile Square Health Center is equipped to serve physically disabled patients with specialized exam rooms to accommodate wheelchairs and lifts to help patients onto tables.<br /><br />Chancellor Lecture and Event Series: Poetry Festival, 9/23<br />The Poetry Festival was the first event of the academic year in the Chancellor’s Lecture and Event Series. Participants heard readings by award-winning poets Roger Reeves, assistant professor of English; Christina Pugh, associate professor of English; Cristina Correa, grad student in Latin American and Latino Studies; and Somali-American poet Ladan Osman. <br /><br />Chancellor Lecture and Event Series: George Shirley, 10/13<br />UIC hosted a lecture by George Shirley of the University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre & Dance, entitled: The Molding of the Arts in America via the African American Experience: The Arduous Expedition from Sambo to Rodolfo, Tamino, and Othello. Mr. Shirley, the J. Edgar Maddy Distinguished University Emeritus Professor of Music (Voice) is one of America's most versatile tenors and a Grammy Award-winning artist. He is in demand nationally and internationally as performer, teacher and lecturer.<br /><br />Upcoming Events <br /><br />Chancellor Lecture and Event Series: Raj Patel, 11/13<br />In partnership with the UIC Institute for the Humanities, I am excited to announce a public lecture by Raj Patel, writer, academic and activist, on November 13th at 4 PM in the Illinois Room of Student Center East, 750 S. Halsted St. <br /><br />Patel will lecture on "Cook, Eat, Man, Woman -- Competing Ideas to Feed the World in the 21st Century." Patel is currently research professor at the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs, at the University of Texas in Austin, visiting professor at Rhodes University in South Africa, writer and co-producer of "Generation Food: Breaking Rules to Feed the 21st Century"; and fellow at the Institute for Food and Development Policy/Food First.<br /><br />50th Anniversary of the University of Illinois Circle Campus, 2/22<br />February 22, 2015 will mark 50 years since the official opening of the UI “Circle Campus” in Chicago. Many changes have taken place in the University and on our campus since that time. <br /><br />To mark the start of a year-long celebration – “Circle Back…UIC Forward” -- plans are underway to re-enact the ribboncutting. Two alumni who were part of the ceremony, Anthony (Tony) Podesta, now a well-known lobbyist, was president of student government, and civil engineering alumnus Lt. Col. William J. Hawes (ret.), who was an ROTC cadet at the time, will participate. <br /><br />Thank you once again for everything you do to support the excellence of UIC.<br /><br />Paula Allen-Meares<br />Chancellor, University of Illinois at Chicago<br />John Corbally Presidential Professor<br /> officialx http://www.uic.edu/uic OfficialxFeed Tue, 21 Oct 2014 08:41:53 -0500 Tue, 21 Oct 2014 08:41:53 -0500 Registration Time Ticket now available to view in Self Service Spring 2015 Registration Notice<br /><br />Time Ticket registration appointments for Spring 2015 can now be viewed via https://my.UIC.edu at the Academics tab, under Registration, select Check Registration Eligibility. Be sure to review any registration holds that may be in place.<br /><br />Please note that after the online drop and add periods, a grade of W will be assigned for courses dropped with college approval and students will be assessed full tuition.<br /><br />How do I register for classes?<br /><br />To access on-line registration, go to my.UIC.edu, and select the Academics tab, then Registration. Course scheduling tools are available at my.UIC.edu at the Scheduling tab to locate all open sections for specified days and times. If you have questions, contact the UIC Registration Help Line at (312) 996-8600 during business hours or e-mail registration@uic.edu.<br /><br />What if I have a hold?<br /><br />If you have a hold (advising hold, financial hold, etc.), you will not be allowed to register, drop classes or make any registration changes. You are able to view a description and reason for the hold at https://my.UIC.edu at the Registration tab. Please check holds status often. Holds are placed periodically throughout the year.<br /><br />Be certain your Emergency Contact information is correct in Student Self-Service!<br /><br />Update emergency contacts via the Registration tab in my.UIC.edu. Select Personal Information, and then select Emergency Contacts.<br /><br /><br /><br />Spring 2015 begins Monday, January 12, 2015.<br /><br />Sexual harassment in higher education is against the law. If you believe you are being harassed, please contact UIC's Office for Access & Equity at (312) 996-8670 or visit their website at http://www.uic.edu/depts/oae/.<br /><br />Forms are available for voter registration at the Office of the Registrar lobby and online at http://www.elections.il.gov/. Please take a moment and register to vote.<br /><br />Textbook titles, prices and ISBN can be found via my.UIC.edu at the Academics tab, select Scheduling, then Schedule of Classes Search. Look for the book icon. You can also preview required materials and review past semesters’ required materials at http://www.uic.edu/depts/oar/current_students/textbooks.html. <br />Please note that a listing of required materials is dependent upon faculty submitting information on required materials.<br /><br />Best wishes for a successful semester from the Office of the Registrar.<br /> official http://www.uic.edu/uic OfficialFeed Mon, 20 Oct 2014 16:06:53 -0500 Mon, 20 Oct 2014 16:06:53 -0500 Jane Byrne Interchange Construction Update - Oct. 17, 2014 <br />The Jane Byrne Interchange (Formerly the Circle Interchange) Construction Update<br />October 17, 2014<br /><br />UIC received an updated schedule for the Jane Byrne Interchange reconstruction project from the Illinois Department of Transportation. <br /><br />• The Peoria Street bridge replacement and reconstruction of the CTA Blue Line is now being separated into two phases. Phase 1, expected to be completed by April 1, 2015, entails replacing the bridge structure over I-290. Phase 2 of the project consists of the reopening of the reconstructed Blue Line Station. It is expected to be completed on May 31, 2015.<br /><br />• The Halsted Street Bridge over I-290 is also being managed in two phases. Phase 1 is the reconstruction of the northbound lanes, with an expected completion date of April 1, 2015. Phase 2 is the reconstruction of the southbound lanes over I-290, with an anticipated completion date of September 2015.<br /><br />• The Harrison Street Bridge over 1-90/94 remains closed for reconstruction. The work is expected to be completed in September 2015.<br /><br />• Reconstructing the Taylor Street Bridge over I-90/94 will be done similar to work on the Halsted Street bridge (two lanes closed, two lanes open) for the duration of the project. Congestion is likely due to the lane closures. The bridge, in its entirety, is expected to be reopened in March 2016. The Taylor Street ramp from I-90/94 will be closed beginning Jan. 1, 2015. <br /><br />• A “flyover” ramp will be constructed from the northbound traffic lanes of I-90/94 near the Taylor Street exit ramp west over the expressway over Halsted Street. It will then slope down below Peoria Street, ending in the westbound traffic lanes of I-290. Completion of this project is expected on July 31, 2016.<br /><br />As always, caution is to be exercised when walking or driving through work zones.<br /><br />Michael Landek<br />Executive Associate Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services<br /> officialx http://www.uic.edu/uic OfficialxFeed Fri, 17 Oct 2014 10:45:44 -0500 Fri, 17 Oct 2014 10:45:44 -0500 Town Hall Meeting on the UIC-North Lawndale Barack Obama Presidential Library Proposal UIC-North Lawndale has been selected as one of four finalist sites under consideration for the Barack Obama Presidential Library, to be built after the president leaves office in 2016. <br /><br />Students, faculty, staff, alumni, community members, and the general public are invited to a town hall meeting to discuss the forthcoming UIC-North Lawndale Obama Presidential Library proposal. The event will be Friday, October 17, from noon until 2 p.m., in Room 605 of UIC Student Center East, 750 S. Halsted.<br /><br />Agenda:<br /><br />Noon–12:10 Welcome by Danielle Leibowitz, UIC student trustee, University of Illinois Board of Trustees<br />12:10–12:25 Presentation on the UIC Obama Presidential Library proposal process<br />12:25–12:35 Presentation by North Lawndale community representatives<br />12:35–1:25 Breakout groups for discussion and feedback<br />1:25–1:50 Verbal reports from breakout groups, followed by collection of written comments<br /><br />The town hall meeting will be moderated by Dick Simpson, professor of political science and former Chicago alderman.<br /><br />We hope you can join us for a lively and thought-provoking discussion. <br /><br />Sincerely,<br /><br />Michael Redding<br />Executive Associate Chancellor of Public and Government Affairs<br /><br />Mary Case<br />Professor, University Librarian, and Dean of Libraries<br /><br />Co-Chairs, UIC Obama Presidential Library Steering Committee <br /> officialx http://www.uic.edu/uic OfficialxFeed Tue, 14 Oct 2014 08:57:27 -0500 Tue, 14 Oct 2014 08:57:27 -0500 Well-being, Safety and Success Dear Students,<br /><br />As the semester progresses, students can feel overwhelmed. Studying for exams, preparing class presentations, and working to complete papers can be demanding. With all of the tasks you must complete, there may also be pressures due to family, your job, and social obligations. <br /><br />During these times, the stress or anxiety you might experience is normal; however, when it feels like you "can't take it" and you just don't know where to turn, assistance is available. I write to remind you there are many resources Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs resources that will help guide you through the difficult times.<br /><br />The professional staff in the Counseling Center, Office of the Dean of Students, and other support service areas are ready and available to help you when pressure and uncertainty are obstacles and, especially, before you use inappropriate ways to deal with the stress. Your well-being, safety, and success are of prime concern to us. No UIC student should face difficult times alone and without support. We are here to assist you.<br /><br />I encourage you to familiarize yourself with the services available to you by visiting our website at www.vcsa.uic.edu or by writing to my office at ovcsa@uic.edu. If you prefer to speak with someone, please call the Office of the Dean of Students at (312) 996-4857.<br /><br />I wish you the best for a successful end of the semester.<br /><br />Sincerely, <br /><br />Barbara Henley<br />Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs <br /> official http://www.uic.edu/uic OfficialFeed Mon, 13 Oct 2014 16:58:06 -0500 Mon, 13 Oct 2014 16:58:06 -0500 Information regarding Ebola precautions at UIC Dear Students, Faculty and Staff:<br /><br />In the wake of concerns about the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, and the recent case of a patient with Ebola who died in Texas, we want to assure the university community that we are monitoring this public health crisis very closely and have preparedness strategies in place to ensure the health and safety of the campus community.<br /><br />While there are currently no suspected or confirmed cases of Ebola in Illinois, we want to address some common questions and concerns about Ebola:<br /><br />What is Ebola?<br />Ebola is a hemorrhagic fever virus that causes severe illness. <br /><br />What are the symptoms of Ebola?<br />Symptoms may include fever, headache, joint and muscle aches, weakness, fatigue, diarrhea, vomiting, stomach pain, lack of appetite, or bleeding.<br /><br />If you have traveled within the last 21 days to areas with a known Ebola outbreak and you are ill or you have been exposed to someone who is ill who has traveled to an outbreak area you should consult a health care provider.<br /><br />UIC students who are having symptoms, or who may have a possible exposure, should contact the Family Medicine Center at (312) 996-2901. Faculty and staff should contact their personal healthcare provider or UI Health at (866) 600-CARE.<br /><br />How is Ebola spread?<br />Ebola is spread through direct contact with blood or body fluids of an infected person. The risk of being exposed to Ebola in the U.S. is extremely low. A person who is not experiencing symptoms such as fever, vomiting, and diarrhea, cannot transmit the virus.<br /><br />Where is Ebola?<br />Currently active areas are in West Africa (Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone). Localized cases have been identified in Nigeria and Senegal. The first case of Ebola to be diagnosed in the U.S. was in a person who had traveled to Dallas, Texas from West Africa. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has identified and is monitoring individuals who were exposed to the case in Texas. In addition there is a case in Madrid, Spain. There is currently no evidence of the spread of Ebola in the U.S., except for those known to be exposed to someone with Ebola. <br /><br />At this time, the CDC is recommending that U.S. residents avoid non-essential travel, including education-related travel, to Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone. To stay up to date on travel recommendations to other areas in West Africa, or other countries, check the CDC’s Traveler’s Health website [http://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/].<br /><br />Is the university taking protective measures to safeguard the health of the UIC community?<br />The University is working closely with UI Health and the College of Medicine to develop specialized protocols based on the CDC’s recommendations to protect our staff, our patients and our university community in the event of an Ebola case.<br /><br />UI Health has screening measures in place to identify patients and visitors who may have recently traveled to an area of Ebola activity and who have symptoms.<br /><br />If there is a suspected or confirmed case of Ebola in Illinois, the Illinois Department of Public Health will immediately inform the public and provide as much information as possible.<br /><br />You can protect your health and avoid many different illnesses by avoiding contact with anyone who is sick, and by washing your hands regularly using soap and water if available, or hand sanitizer.<br /><br />Where can I find more information?<br />The Centers for Disease Control<br />http://www.cdc.gov/vhf/ebola/index.html<br /><br />Illinois Department of Public Health<br />http://www.idph.state.il.us/ebola/index.htm<br /><br />UIC will continue to provide updates to the University community as information and guidance becomes available.<br /><br />Sincerely,<br /><br />Paula Allen-Meares<br />Chancellor<br />John Corbally Presidential Professor<br /><br />Jerry Bauman<br />Vice President for Health Affairs (Interim)<br /> officialx http://www.uic.edu/uic OfficialxFeed Mon, 13 Oct 2014 11:45:39 -0500 Mon, 13 Oct 2014 11:45:39 -0500 UI Health Plus, Breast Cancer Awareness, Pink Glove Video Final/Extended Version, and more Text Only Version: <br /><br />UI Health October Newsletter<br />http://hospital.uillinois.edu/About_Us/Newsletter/2014-10/October_Newsletter.html<br /><br />UI Health Plus Update<br />It's official! UI Health's managed Medicaid program, UI Health Plus, received its first enrollees just two days after the program opened.<br />http://hospital.uillinois.edu/About_Us/Newsletter/2014-10/UI_Health_Plus_Update.html<br /><br />New Models of Care for A New Healthcare Environment<br />In this issue of our newsletter is a piece on UNISON Health that will help us better understand the needs of our community as we move forward and an update on UI Health Plus, our new Medicaid managed care product which began enrolling patients. <br />http://hospital.uillinois.edu/About_Us/Newsletter/2014-10/New_Models_of_Care_for_a_New_Healthcare_Environment.html<br /><br />Pink Glove Dance Results<br />Thank you to everyone who voted for UI Health's Pink Glove video! We are proud to announce...<br />See the results, and watch the full length video now! <br />http://hospital.uillinois.edu/About_Us/Newsletter/2014-10/Pink_Glove_Dance_Result.html<br /><br />UI Health & the Chicago Fire Celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month<br />Early dedication saves lives.<br />http://hospital.uillinois.edu/About_Us/Newsletter/2014-10/October_is_Breast_Cancer_Awareness_Month_.html<br /><br />UNISON Health<br />UNIversity of Illinois Survey On Neighborhood Health is a unique health needs assessment that includes biometric data collection, in-person surveys, and prevalence of health conditions.<br />http://hospital.uillinois.edu/About_Us/Newsletter/2014-10/UNISON_Health.html<br /><br />Join Our Official Facebook Page<br />UI Health launches a Facebook page; join, like, and share!<br />http://hospital.uillinois.edu/About_Us/Newsletter/2014-10/Join_Our_Official_Facebook_Page.html <br /> official http://www.uic.edu/uic OfficialFeed Tue, 07 Oct 2014 16:56:37 -0500 Tue, 07 Oct 2014 16:56:37 -0500 Heavy traffic around Pavilion Tuesday Due to an event at the UIC Pavilion Tuesday afternoon, expect heavy traffic in the Harrison St-Racine Ave-Congress Pkwy area from 5:00 to 6:30.<br /><br />Exercise caution and void the area if possible.<br /><br />Robert M. Rouzer<br />Executive Associate Director of Campus Auxiliary Services officialx http://www.uic.edu/uic OfficialxFeed Tue, 07 Oct 2014 00:36:24 -0500 Tue, 07 Oct 2014 00:36:24 -0500 Jane Byrne Interchange Construction Update - Oct. 6, 2014 One bridge up, two to go.<br /><br />The Morgan Street Bridge will reopen today: construction is completed. Parking Lot 9, adjacent to the bridge, remains under construction. Resurfacing and additional upgrades to the lot entrance should be completed by mid-October.<br /><br />Work continues on the Peoria Street Bridge, as well as renovations to the CTA Blue Line station. Once completed, the station will be fully accessible and will include an elevator. This work should be completed by the end of December, depending on weather.<br /><br />Construction is also continuing on the Halsted Street Bridge. The Halsted entrance to the CTA Blue Line station remains open.<br /><br />Bicyclists are reminded that the Halsted Street sidewalk is narrow, and bicycles must be walked.<br /><br />Please also exercise caution when walking or driving through work zones.<br /><br />Michael Landek<br />Executive Associate Vice Chancellor for Administrative Service<br /> officialx http://www.uic.edu/uic OfficialxFeed Mon, 06 Oct 2014 16:02:30 -0500 Mon, 06 Oct 2014 16:02:30 -0500 Chancellor's Lecture & Event Series [REVISED] Dear Students, Faculty and Staff, <br /><br />You are cordially invited to attend a reception and lecture by George I. Shirley, the J. Edgar Maddy Distinguished, University Emeritus Professor of Music (Voice) at the University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre and Dance. Mr. Shirley is one of America’s most versatile tenors and a Grammy award winning artist. He is nationally and internationally renowned as a performer, teacher and lecturer. <br /><br />Monday, October 13<br />Reception: 4:00 p.m. <br />Lecture: 4:30 – 5:30 p.m. <br />The Molding of the Arts in America via the African American Experience: the Arduous Expedition from Sambo to Rodolfo, Tamino and Othello<br />Student Center East (NEW LOCATION)<br />Cardinal Room 3rd floor <br />750 South Halsted<br /><br />Please RSVP to Teresa Soto Plutz at TeresaS@uic.edu.<br /><br />Mr. George Shirley’s lecture is part of the Chancellor’s Lecture and Event Series, in partnership with the School of Theatre and Music. Please visit the Chancellor’s Lecture and Event Series website (http://www.uic.edu/home/Chancellor/lectures.shtml) for a biography of Mr. Shirley and upcoming events. <br /><br />Students attending this event may document their co-curricular activities as part of The UIC Experience program. For more information, visit www.uicexperience.uic.edu.<br /><br />The event is free and open to the public. Parking is available the Halsted Street Parking Structure, 801 South Halsted. Complimentary and relocation parking will be available to anyone displaying UIC hang tag. <br /><br />Sincerely, <br /><br />Paula Allen-Meares<br />Chancellor<br />John Corbally Presidential Professor officialx http://www.uic.edu/uic OfficialxFeed Thu, 02 Oct 2014 09:03:31 -0500 Thu, 02 Oct 2014 09:03:31 -0500 Annual Security and Fire Safety Report The University of Illinois at Chicago's Annual Security and Fire Safety Report is now available. The University is required by the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act of 1990 to report campus crime statistics.<br /> <br />This report includes statistics for calendar years 2011, 2012, and 2013 on reported crimes that occurred on campus; in certain off-campus buildings or property owned or controlled by UIC; and on public property within, or immediately adjacent to and accessible from the campus. The report also contains fire safety information, information on how to report a crime, a description of university police authority, crime notification procedures, emergency procedures, institutional policies related to campus security (alcohol and drug use, missing students, sexual assault), and crime prevention and safety information.<br /> <br />The Annual Security and Fire Safety Report is available at http://www.uic.edu/securityreport/. A copy of the crime statistics report can be requested from the Office of the Dean of Students, Student Services Building (SSB), Room 3030.<br /> <br />Frank Cappitelli<br />Interim Chief of UIC Police<br /> officialx http://www.uic.edu/uic OfficialxFeed Wed, 01 Oct 2014 09:36:38 -0500 Wed, 01 Oct 2014 09:36:38 -0500