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Event Application

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Any changes in the above information‚ please notify the UIC Forum immediately.

Event Information

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*(Please see detailed Audio/Visual Package Guide)

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Is any other promoter/producer assisting you with your event?
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Will the event be professionaly catered?
What will be served and when?

If the event will be professionally catered‚ please provide the catering company’s name and information:
Licensed Caterer:

Contact Number:

Will alcohol be served at the event?
If yes‚ please provide details of when and how and to whom the alcohol will be served:

Note: Alcohol must be served by a licenced caterer. The caterer must provide the UIc forum with the copy of the liquor insurance that list the Trustees as additional insured and a list of the names of who will be serving and a copy of the training certification.

Is security needed for this event?
If yes‚ please provide details of security concerns:

Will entertainment be provided for this event?
If yes‚ please describe the set-up‚ equipment to be used(i.e. stage‚ sound system‚ etc) and type of entertainment.

Is a registration‚ membership‚ ticket or admission fee required to attend/participate in the event?
If yes‚ please explain:

Will there be vendors for either of the following:
Merchandise: Information Distribution:
If yes‚ please describe set-up‚ and product:

(Standard merchandise agreement: 70%-30%‚ house sells‚ labor is guaranteed).

How do you plan to publicize the event?

Note: You cannnot advertise your event prior to approval.

Will there be live media coverage during the event? If yes‚ please describe:

Please list anything important about your event not already listed on this application:

Any packages for your event that need to be delivered must be done 1-2 days prior to the event. Packages should be picked up no later than 1-2 days after the event.

Please provide the UIC forum with a copy of program‚ agenda and run times.
Please check Insurance Requirements.
Please read all of the information herein before making any commitments for event services or equipment.

Official Challenge Policy

Submitting this application is not confirmation to conduct your planned event. Confirmation‚ if granted‚ will be in the form of a UIC Forum Contract issued to the organization or person responsible for conducting the event. In addition‚ a hold is only tentative and is not confirmed until a signed University contract and certificate deposit is received and approved.

Prior to receiving and executing a space agreement/contract.

I understand that‚ if event-related information herein changes (i.e. performers‚ date‚ etc.) this application shall be invalid and a new application may be required. Any changes are to be made in writing. By initialing below‚ I acknowledge that I have read all the information contained in this application‚ understand it‚ and will abide by it. I also understand the date the Forum may be holding for me is tentative and that an application for an event does not constitute a University agreement.

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