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Financial Aid

Summer Financial Aid

To be considered for financial aid for the Summer term, students must complete a Summer Aid Application with the OSFA in addition to the FAFSA. The Summer Aid Application will be made available February 1. The priority deadline for applying for summer aid is April 1. The final deadline for submitting a summer aid application is June 16. There are limited sources of financial aid in the summer, so please apply early.

To be eligible for federal student loans in the summer, students must be enrolled at least 6 hours (5 hours for the Graduate College and School of Public Health). For financial aid purposes, summer counts as one term. So, if you are enrolled in multiple summer sessions, the sum of all your summer enrollments must add up to the 6 hour requirement (5 for the Graduate College and School of Public Health).

Please note that borrowing during the summer may affect your aid for the following academic year. Contact the OSFA to discuss how summer borrowing can affect your yearly and aggregate loan totals.

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