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Financial Aid

Award Notification

Electronic Award Notification

Once your FAFSA and any additional required documents have been processed, the OSFA will award you financial aid. You will receive an email instructing you to view your Award Notification online via the UIC portal under the Finances tab. Make sure you regularly check your university email for notifications from the OSFA.

The OSFA begins awarding aid to incoming students in March. Continuing students are awarded starting in June. Complete your award letter online as soon as possible so that the OSFA can finalize your awards for the upcoming year.

Important: Unless noted otherwise, initial financial aid award notifications are based upon full-time enrollment for the fall and spring terms. When reviewing your financial aid award letter online you should report to the OSFA any changes in enrollment so the appropriate adjustments may be made at such time. Otherwise, awards will be adjusted after the add/drop period has concluded each semester based upon actual enrollment. Please be aware that if you have been given a refund based upon full-time enrollment, but do not enroll full-time, you will be billed after the add/drop period for any refund/financial aid for which you were not eligible.

Award Adjustments

Be aware that your financial aid awards can be adjusted at any point during the year. Your aid can be adjusted for a variety of reasons — if the OSFA learns of outside financial resources (including tuition waivers and scholarships), if you do not submit all required documentation to the OSFA, if corrections are made to your FAFSA data, etc.

The OSFA may increase, decrease, or cancel awards. If your aid is adjusted, you will receive an email informing you of a Revised Award Notification online.

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