UIC Event Calendar http://www.uic.edu/htbin/eventcal/eventcal.fcgi? UIC Event Calendar en-us Sat, 27 Aug 2016 09:16:06 -0500 Design and Delivery of Biotherapeutics: Towards Cancer Therapy and Vascular Regeneration http://www.uic.edu/htbin/eventcal/eventcal.fcgi?&amp;dispatch=search&amp;detailed_view=1&amp;uid=20160816T161614Z-104adcd-3e8-136c5925-Oracle <p>Date: <a href="http://www.uic.edu/htbin/eventcal/eventcal.fcgi?&amp;dispatch=datesearch&amp;date=8-31-2016">August 31, 2016</a> at 3:30 pm | <a href="https://www.uic.edu/htbin/eventcal/eventcal.fcgi?&amp;&amp;dispatch=invite&amp;id=20160816T161614Z-104adcd-3e8-136c5925-Oracle">Add event to my UICal</a> <br />Category: <a href="http://www.uic.edu/htbin/eventcal/eventcal.fcgi?dispatch=search&amp;search=%22Lectures,+Seminars+and+Meetings+%22">Lectures, Seminars and Meetings </a> </p> Seminar given by Steven M. Jay, Ph.D<br />Fischell Department of Bioengineering<br />University of Maryland<br />Abstract: Biotherapeutics, also known as biologics or biopharmaceuticals, have revolutionized medicine and taken over the pharmaceutical and biotechnology marketplace within the past decade. Among these drugs, monoclonal antibody production has emerged as a robust technology, however many other promising biotherapeutic strategies require further development in order for their potential to be realized. Our lab focuses on molecular engineering towards development of novel biomolecules with therapeutic potential and on developing scalable biomanufacturing approaches for biotherapeutic production. Specific topics in this talk will include 1) the development of multivalent HER3-targeted protein ligands for cancer targeting and therapy and 2) approaches to enhance the potency and efficacy of extracellular vesicles (exosomes) for therapeutic vascularization.<br /> tejada@uic.edu http://www.uic.edu/htbin/eventcal/eventcal.fcgi?&amp;dispatch=search&amp;detailed_view=1&amp;uid=20160816T161614Z-104adcd-3e8-136c5925-Oracle Tue, 16 Aug 2016 11:16:14 -0000 Free Language Assessment and Information about English Courses for Non-native Speakers http://www.uic.edu/htbin/eventcal/eventcal.fcgi?&amp;dispatch=search&amp;detailed_view=1&amp;uid=20160817T202940Z-2102ff2-3e8-7004ba48-Oracle <p>Date: <a href="http://www.uic.edu/htbin/eventcal/eventcal.fcgi?&amp;dispatch=datesearch&amp;date=9-7-2016">September 7, 2016</a> at 5:00 pm | <a href="https://www.uic.edu/htbin/eventcal/eventcal.fcgi?&amp;&amp;dispatch=invite&amp;id=20160817T202940Z-2102ff2-3e8-7004ba48-Oracle">Add event to my UICal</a> <br />Category: <a href="http://www.uic.edu/htbin/eventcal/eventcal.fcgi?dispatch=search&amp;search=%22Continuing+and+Professional+Education%22">Continuing and Professional Education</a>, <a href="http://www.uic.edu/htbin/eventcal/eventcal.fcgi?dispatch=search&amp;search=%22Lectures,+Seminars+and+Meetings%22">Lectures, Seminars and Meetings</a>, <a href="http://www.uic.edu/htbin/eventcal/eventcal.fcgi?dispatch=search&amp;search=%22Conferences+and+Workshops+%22">Conferences and Workshops </a> </p> UIC Community,<br />Please join English for International Professionals Series on Wednesday, September 7, 5-6:30pm or Thursday September 8, 1:30-3pm, at Addams Hall room 105 (UIC East Campus) for an information meeting about our program and the courses we offer. After the 30-minute event, you will also be able to meet with an experienced instructor to assess your language needs and suggest a course that can help you improve your skills in the area(s) identified during the assessment.<br />The English for International Professionals Series (EIPS) is a part of the UIC Tutorium in Intensive English, which offers the highest quality ESL instruction to non-native speakers of English. EIPS courses are designed for intermediate to advanced level professionals and academics who wish to improve specific English skills. Our classes include pronunciation, communication skills, conversation and vocabulary, speaking skills for professionals, and test preparation courses (TOEFL, IELTS). We offer weekday, evening, weekend, and online courses. Classes vary in length and are competitively priced, starting at $350 per course. UIC students, faculty and staff receive an additional discount. For a complete list of current class offerings, please visit our website.<br />UIC English for International Professionals Series: https://tie.uic.edu/eips/<br /> bkeller@uic.edu http://www.uic.edu/htbin/eventcal/eventcal.fcgi?&amp;dispatch=search&amp;detailed_view=1&amp;uid=20160817T202940Z-2102ff2-3e8-7004ba48-Oracle Thu, 25 Aug 2016 09:49:13 -0000 Free lunch lecture: Faith and Healthcare Burnout http://www.uic.edu/htbin/eventcal/eventcal.fcgi?&amp;dispatch=search&amp;detailed_view=1&amp;uid=20160826T215710Z-30d9f53-3e8-7fbae000-Oracle <p>Date: <a href="http://www.uic.edu/htbin/eventcal/eventcal.fcgi?&amp;dispatch=datesearch&amp;date=9-7-2016">September 7, 2016</a> at 12:30 pm | <a href="https://www.uic.edu/htbin/eventcal/eventcal.fcgi?&amp;&amp;dispatch=invite&amp;id=20160826T215710Z-30d9f53-3e8-7fbae000-Oracle">Add event to my UICal</a> <br />Category: <a href="http://www.uic.edu/htbin/eventcal/eventcal.fcgi?dispatch=search&amp;search=%22Lectures,+Seminars+and+Meetings%22">Lectures, Seminars and Meetings</a>, <a href="http://www.uic.edu/htbin/eventcal/eventcal.fcgi?dispatch=search&amp;search=%22Religious+Events%22">Religious Events</a>, <a href="http://www.uic.edu/htbin/eventcal/eventcal.fcgi?dispatch=search&amp;search=%22Student+Organizations%22">Student Organizations</a>, <a href="http://www.uic.edu/htbin/eventcal/eventcal.fcgi?dispatch=search&amp;search=%22Health+and+Medical+%22">Health and Medical </a> </p> Free Lunch Lecture:<br><br />Faith & <br />Healthcare Burnout<br><br />12:30PM to 1:30PM, Wednesday, 9/7/16<br><br />Rm. 316 CMWT, UIC College of Medicine West Tower, 1853 W. Polk St.<br><br />Paul Nemeth, MD Chair, Emergency Medicine, Hines VA Medical Center<br><br />Sarah Unterman, MD Chair, Emergency Medicine, Jesse Brown VA Hospital<br><br />Martha Villalba, MD Attending Physician, Emergency Medicine, Jesse Brown VA Hospital <br><br />With a growing body of research suggesting that emergency physicians, medical students, and caregivers devoting time to faith and spirituality may experience burnout less frequently or less severely, three emergency physicians reflect on the interplay between their spiritual or faith life and the stress related to their practice. <br> This is the first in a series of lunchtime Integritas bioethics lectures in keeping with the 2016-17 bioethics theme of the Integritas Institute for Ethics—"Pope Francis and the Human Ecology of Healthcare."<br><br />OBJECTIVES:<br><br />• Review recent selected research on faith and healthcare burnout. <br> <br />• Reflect with physician practitioners on burnout and their faith experience. <br> <br />• Identify important issues for consideration by students seeking to integrate faith with professional healthcare practice and service. <br><br />*Free Lunch will be provided to the first 30 attendees<br><br />The Integritas Institute for Ethics, <a href="http://integritasinstitute.org">integritasinstitute.org</a>, <a href="http://twitter.com/JP2Integritas">@JP2Integritas</a>, is a department of the St. John Paul II Catholic Newman Center at UIC, located at 700 S. Morgan, and at Rm. 231 Student Center West, 828 S. Wolcott <br><br />Integritas Institute events since 1997 have been scheduled in cooperation with Catholic student and other organizations on the UIC campus. <br>This event is co-sponsored by the Catholic Medical Students Association at UIC. <br><br /><a href="http://jp2newman.org">jp2newman.org</a> <br /><a href="http://twitter.com/JP2NewmanCenter">@JP2NewmanCenter</a><br><br /><a href="https://www.facebook.com/jp2newman/">St. JPII Newman Center Facebook Page</a><br><br />For RSVP or further information: <a href="mailto:aschorsch@jp2newman.org">aschorsch@jp2newman.org</a><br /> aschorsch@jp2newman.org http://www.uic.edu/htbin/eventcal/eventcal.fcgi?&amp;dispatch=search&amp;detailed_view=1&amp;uid=20160826T215710Z-30d9f53-3e8-7fbae000-Oracle Fri, 26 Aug 2016 16:57:10 -0000 Paid Research Study for Woman ages 55-70 http://www.uic.edu/htbin/eventcal/eventcal.fcgi?&amp;dispatch=search&amp;detailed_view=1&amp;uid=20160802T194141Z-22301ab-3e8-5519c80f-Oracle <p>Date: <a href="http://www.uic.edu/htbin/eventcal/eventcal.fcgi?&amp;dispatch=datesearch&amp;date=8-28-2016">August 28, 2016</a> at 8:30 am | <a href="https://www.uic.edu/htbin/eventcal/eventcal.fcgi?&amp;&amp;dispatch=invite&amp;id=20160802T194141Z-22301ab-3e8-5519c80f-Oracle">Add event to my UICal</a> <br />Category: <a href="http://www.uic.edu/htbin/eventcal/eventcal.fcgi?dispatch=search&amp;search=%22Alumni+Events%22">Alumni Events</a>, <a href="http://www.uic.edu/htbin/eventcal/eventcal.fcgi?dispatch=search&amp;search=%22Conferences+and+Workshops%22">Conferences and Workshops</a>, <a href="http://www.uic.edu/htbin/eventcal/eventcal.fcgi?dispatch=search&amp;search=%22Special+Campus+Events%22">Special Campus Events</a>, <a href="http://www.uic.edu/htbin/eventcal/eventcal.fcgi?dispatch=search&amp;search=%22Community+Service%22">Community Service</a>, <a href="http://www.uic.edu/htbin/eventcal/eventcal.fcgi?dispatch=search&amp;search=%22Health+and+Medical%22">Health and Medical</a>, Other </p> Dr. Lisa Tussing-Humphreys at the University of Illinois at Chicago's Department of Medicine is conducting a research study examining how weight can affect the body's ability to digest and absorb dietary iron and how changes to the way the body handles iron affects intestinal health and risk for colorectal cancer. <br />You may be eligible if you:<br />1. Are a Caucasian, Hispanic, or African-American female age 55-70 years old<br />2. Are post-menopausal<br />3. Have a body mass index (BMI) of 18.5 - 24.9 or 30.0+ kg/m2<br />4. Have no major medical problems<br />For women with a BMI 18.5-24.9 kg/m2 the study involves:<br />*One scheduled research visit at UIC<br />*Body measurements(height, weight, and waist circumference)<br />*Finger-stick to screen hemoglobin and body inflammation<br />*Fasted blood draw<br />*Body composition scan (DXA)<br />*Surveys<br />*One home stool collection with phone-based diet recall<br />For women with a BMI 30.0 or above the study involves:<br />*Six scheduled research visits at UIC<br />*Body measurements (height, weight)<br />*Finger-stick to screen hemoglobin and body inflammation<br />*Fasted blood draws<br />*Body composition scans(DXA)<br />*Surveys<br />*Determining your calorie needs with indirect calorimetry<br />*Six home stool collections with phone-based diets recalls<br />*Consume 3 different diets for 3 weeks each (all meals are provided at No cost)<br />All eligible participants will be compensated for their time. All information you give is confidential.<br />For more information call Yolanda Vega 312-996-6433 or email at yvega22@uic.edu<br /> yvega22@uic.edu http://www.uic.edu/htbin/eventcal/eventcal.fcgi?&amp;dispatch=search&amp;detailed_view=1&amp;uid=20160802T194141Z-22301ab-3e8-5519c80f-Oracle Tue, 02 Aug 2016 14:42:52 -0000