UIC Classifieds http://www.uic.edu/htbin/eventcal/eventcal.fcgi?showannounceonly=1 UIC Classifieds en-us Mon, 05 Dec 2016 01:05:54 -0600 Volunteers Needed: Statistical Support for Rwandan Students http://www.uic.edu/htbin/eventcal/eventcal.fcgi?dispatch=search&amp;uid=1478124268:5162:1: <p>Date: December 5, 2016 | Position Available/Informational</p> VOLUNTEERS NEEDED <br />Have an interest in international collaborations and enjoy statistics?<br />----------------------------<br />UIC College of Nursing faculty are working with University of Rwanda Masters students as part of the groundbreaking Rwanda Human Resources for Health Program.<br />We are looking for volunteer tutors willing to assist UR students with calculations and statistical process via email/videoconferencing during Spring 2017 (Jan 3-May 15, 2017).<br />----------------------------<br />UIC Students may be eligible for recognition via UIC Impact’s Co-Curricular Transcript (go.uic.edu/UICimpact). <br />---------------------------<br />For more information, please contact: <br />Patricia J. Moreland, PhD, CPNP, RN <br />Visiting Clinical Instructor, UIC College of Nursing <br />Masters Program Educator, <br />Rwanda Human Resources for Health Program <br />pmorelnd@uic.edu <br /> pmorelnd@uic.edu http://www.uic.edu/htbin/eventcal/eventcal.fcgi?dispatch=search&amp;uid=1478124268:5162:1: Wed, 02 Nov 2016 17:06:26 -0000