Great Cities Institute at the University of Illinois at Chicago

GCI Comparative Urbanisms Lecture Series

"Millennium Park's Future in the Post-Daley Era"

Edward K. Uhlir, FAIA
Executive Director, Millennium Park Inc
President, Uhlir Consulting LLC

Thursday, March 10, 2011
3 - 4:30pm

Ed Uhlir will explore Millennium Park’s future by explaining its creation, its successes, and the factors that will affect its continued prosperity. In particular, he will discuss the history of the park site, the Mayor’s vision, the involvement of various artists, architects and landscape designers, and the public/private financing model pioneered there. This background information provides the foundation for thinking about the Park in a post-Daley era. How will the Park be maintained, what kinds of programming should take place there, and what kinds of economic impacts will it have?

Ed Uhlir was the Director of Research and Planning at the Chicago Park District until his appointment in 1998 by Mayor Richard M. Daley as the Director of Design of the Millennium Park Project. He is a consultant and President of Uhlir Consulting LLC and the Executive Director of Millennium Park Incorporated (MPI). He also is an Adjunct Professor of Architecture at Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, the Secretary of NeighborSpace, a land trust for community gardens, a member of Mayor Daley’s Parks and Open Space Committee, and a board member of the City Parks Alliance.

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