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"UIC Neighborhoods Initiative - Part 2: Engaging Communities Through Partnership"

Cynthia "Cee" Boyd
UICNI Director

Monday, November 29, 2010

Established in 1993, GCI's Neighborhoods Initiative (UICNI) represents a diverse network of alliances between UIC and organizations in the neighborhoods adjacent to UIC or near university-sponsored, community-based facilities. The core of UICNI is to foster these active coalitions that bring together expertise, resources and wisdom from the community with that of the university to strengthen the quality of life for all beneficiaries. These relationships enhance all partners' leadership and organizational capacity by addressing matters of mutual interest and high impact. This seminar will explore the university-community partnerships and programs that continue to define the UICNI - West Campus.

The GCI Hello! seminars are given by leaders of Great Cities Institute programs to share their history and discuss current projects with our colleagues.

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