Giving begins where your passion and courage align with UIC’s mission and vision

Gifts in all forms and sizes unleash potential, and we’ve proven this together, over and over.

We see it in the diverse and talented students refining the next great idea. It’s clear in the scientists not only seeking new knowledge, but also applying it to empower our surrounding neighborhoods and communities around the world.

It’s evident in the healing, which happens each day at the hands of the doctors, nurses and practitioners throughout our hospital and health sciences system. Excellence at University of Illinois at Chicago exists because of the support you provide.

As a community of educators, scholars and scientists entrenched deeply in disciplines from art to science to medicine, we see clearly the challenges facing society in our own urban backyard, throughout the state of Illinois and around the globe. Your partnership is vital as we educate the leaders, study the solutions and discover the cures that will ensure a bright future.

We are Chicago’s public research university, and together we can build the tomorrow we imagine.

Support student success

Gabriella Santoyo

Our undergraduate population has no single racial or ethnic group that comprises a majority. Many students are children of new immigrants. Often they’re the first in their families to go to college. No matter their differences and challenges, they are unified by a hunger for an education that makes a difference, so they can make a difference. Often, all that separates them from their dreams is a scholarship.

Student support at UIC, in whatever form it takes, allows students the broadest access to the highest levels of intellectual excellence. It makes available the environment in which they can create, study and test ideas, some of which might change the world.

Support research

Man in a bee-keeping hat in a field

UIC faculty pushes boundaries of knowledge from biomedicine to literature, engineering to urban arts and political science to design. This is what a Carnegie 1 research institution looks like. Our sponsored research expenditures of $388 million annually are a powerful investment that fuels the city and state’s economies.

The research efforts you support, no matter their reach or focus, empower our students and enrich their academic experiences. More importantly, it’s an investment in a higher quality of life for our patients, healthier societies for our neighbors and a more sustainable world.

Support community service

Young man in dress shirt and tie kneeling and smiling

UIC is a model of community engagement. Public service and giving back are at the core of the ethical values that inform our mission. Our 15 colleges and their centers and institutes link academic research with neighborhoods and communities to resolve issues that impede social and economic progress.

This engagement ensures that lessons, research and discoveries are shared, amplified and integrated. Your support helps us actively contribute to the creation of a more inclusive and just democracy by calling attention to the needs and concerns of diverse publics.