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Great Cities

photo of downtown Chicago

UIC is proud of its Great Cities Commitment program, an initiative that began in 1993 and involves hundreds of committed faculty, students and staff from every UIC college. These individuals partner with government organizations, corporations, and the community to focus on common urban concerns - such as healthcare, education, affordable housing, economic development and transportation. The goal? To support commitment in urban research, so as to improve the quality of life in Chicago and various other cities around the world. As a result of this program, UIC is now one of the premier public research universities in the United States.

For more information, visit the Great Cities website.

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Student Experiences

photo of GauravGaurav

Chemistry / Psychology

Meet this senior and learn about how he started the Medical Awareness in Small Indian Towns Initiative. Find how he plans on using his experiences at UIC to help him get into AmeriCorps and medical school.

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