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Tips for Excelling at UIC

Attending college represents a big achievement and an important change in your life, so we're here to help make the transition easier. In the coming months, you may feel a bit overwhelmed, but don't worry-many students feel this way. The more you engage with the university, other students, teachers and staff, the more at home you'll feel and the more likely you'll be to succeed academically and personally.

Here are just a few tried-and-true ways to excel at UIC.

  1. Get involved.
    Join student organizations that interest you, whether related to your background, major, talents or hobbies-or just because they sound like fun. Becoming involved on campus will help you feel attached and supported. You can also benefit from getting to know upper-level students who can show you the ropes.
  2. Communicate. Talk with people you trust-family, friends and other UIC students-about your experience adjusting to college and a new environment. People won't know what you're feeling unless you tell them. It's the best way to get the emotional support you need.
  3. Make the most of university resources.
    UIC provides a wide range of student services, from career counseling and financial aid to child care and tutoring. There are academic support programs for our diverse student population, as well as help for just the basics, like getting around town or finding a job. If you have a need, chances are, we have a solution. We're all here to help you.
  4. Seek balance.
    Your schedule is likely to be pretty hectic, so time management will be essential to helping you juggle your school, work, extracurricular and social commitments. Use an organizer or calendar to keep you on schedule, and block out study time just like any other appointment. Schoolwork, your job and having fun are all important, so don't allow any one to take up too much of your attention.
  5. Take care of yourself.
    Eating well and getting enough sleep may not sound as tempting as the alternatives, but they can help you feel your best and improve your performance when it comes to schoolwork, sports and anything else you take on.
  6. Go to class.
    That may seem obvious, but it isn't to everyone. Get to know your professors, take notes, ask questions and stay ahead of your assignments. After all, that's why you're here.
  7. Think about where you want to go.
    Your goals may change throughout your time at UIC, but you should always be working toward something-otherwise, your efforts may seem pointless. Without an objective, you won't know what requirements you need to fulfill or what classes to take. Plus, imagining how your hard work will pay off in the future is a great way to stay motivated.
  8. Find other resources and use them.
    For Tips:
    For being more productive:
      Google Docs A great app for sharing documents among project groups or making information available anywhere you have web access.
      Zoho also offers a suite of online and mobile document creation and management apps. Subscriptions are free for individual users.
      OttoBib Free automatic bibliography generator. Just enter the ISBNs.
      Make Use Of A repository of web apps that do just about anything you want.
      Pandora Free internet radio—don't forget to have some fun, too.

    For access to government information and aid: The U.S. government's portal to financial aid options, as well as study tips, health information, diversity resources, and more.
      Federal TRIO Programs Support for first-generation college students, low-income students and students with disabilities.

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