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Student Life

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  • MON April 20

    Not On My Campus: Tobacco-Free Policy Week

    Join the Applied Health Science Student Council on Monday April 20th – 23rd to help support and promote the Tobacco-Free Campus policy. We will host a variety of week-long events to put an end to ...

  • WED April 22

    6th Annual World Health Day Symposium

    Please join the UIC Center for Global Health on April 22nd at 12 noon as University of Illinois President Robert A. Easter, PhD, presents "Global Food Safety: The Roles of Agriculture, Health and ...

  • THU April 23

    Water After Borders: Global Stakes and Local Politics (Day 1)

    The Great Lakes contain one of the world’s most significant shares of fresh water, a resource necessary to almost every human endeavor and one that is fast disappearing. Is the water in the Great ...