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Emergency Information

Ensure your emergency contact information is correct in Student Self-Service

  • To update emergency contacts, go to my.UIC. Under the Academics tab, select Registration, enter Student Self-Service, select Personal Information, and then select Emergency Contacts.
  • If you have questions about loading an Emergency Contact in Banner Student Self-Service, you can contact the Registration Help Line at 312-996-8600, Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.

Reminder: How to Contact UIC Police in an Emergency

  • To summon Police or Fire for any on-campus emergency, call 5-5555 "Five Fives for Help." Phone stickers are available from the UIC Police.
  • Set up the complete number, 312-355-5555, on speed-dial on your cell phone.
  • More than 1,500 emergency call boxes are on campus. A red button activates an alarm and flashing light and immediately connects you to UIC Police. Spot the phone locations as you make your way around campus.
  • Safety message from UIC Police 9/15/11 | More safety tips

How to Receive Information in an Emergency

  • Subscribe your cell phone to receive text message alerts. An immediate SMS text alert will be sent in case of a serious crime in progress, a weather emergency, or other urgent situation. Log in to from any computer to subscribe your phone.
  • Call the UIC Hotline anytime at 312-413-9696. In addition to emergency information, the hotline will alert you to building closures or class relocations.
  • Check the UIC homepage or this page (via Emergency Information link on the UIC homepage or
  • Watch your UIC email account for Urgent and Official email messages.
  • Subscribe to our urgent/emergency RSS feed.

Additional Emergency Information

UIC will provide immediate updates here, via URGENT all-campus email, and by phone on the UIC Information Line 312-413-9696.

In the event of an emergency, check here for specific instructions on evacuation or sheltering-in-place.

  • Subscribe your cell phone to campus alerts: enables campus officials to send text messages to your cell phone in the event of a serious crime, weather emergency, or similar incident. UIC log-in required.
  • Non-emergency Crime Alerts
  • National Alert Level: available online
  • UIC Preparations for Terrorism: A Security Task Force, with representatives from all UIC planning and response departments, meets periodically to evaluate current status and coordinate protection. UIC cooperates with local, state and federal authorities to implement appropriate safeguards and plan responses.
  • Pandemic Flu Planning Checklist for Individuals and Families

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