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As a current University of Illinois student, you're automatically a member of the University of Illinois Alumni Association-the world's largest alumni community.

After graduation, you'll soon find out how important connections are to your success. If you want to build your professional network, land a job or internship, or move to a new community, being a part of the accomplished UIC alumni network can help open doors.

In fact ...

  • Roughly one in 10 Chicagoans with a college degree is a UIC alumnus.
  • In Illinois, one in three pharmacists, more than 40 percent of the dentists and one in six physicians graduated from UIC.
  • Fifteen individual college and department associations help forge stronger connections between alumni with similar areas of interest.

UIC alumni are leaders in the arts, education, business, research, medicine, architecture, engineering and more. They include names you know, names well-known within their industries and people who make a difference every day.

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Industrial Engineering

Get to know this engineer and find out how she is such a strong role model for her younger sister. Discover why she enjoys being involved with the Society of Women Engineers.

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